Istanbul is the meeting point of Europe and Asia, the center of many empires and a home to 17 million citizens. Yet, Istanbul is still waiting for people to discover it.

İstanbul has all the culture, nightlife, activities that a big city could have. It can show you its luxurious side as well as the ghetto part of it at the same time. You will never lose the feeling of being surprised in this city. The city of seven hills will continue to be charming as always.

Summer in Istanbul is hot and humid. Winter usually hits around October and lasts until April, and the months from November and February see a fair amount of rain. All the surrounding water generally keeps the temperature above freezing, but a cold wind blows off the frozen Balkans and there’s an occasional dusting of snow. May and September are pleasant and the most comfortable times for exploring.

April also sees Istanbul’s Tulip Festival, when parks all over the city become a riot of color.

Istanbul Film Festival. Every April for two weeks, the Istanbul Film Festival presents films from Turkey and around the world, giving film buffs a great opportunity to see contemporary Turkish cinema subtitled in English. Screenings are held mainly in Beyoğlu, as well as in Nişantaşı and Kadıköy. Make sure to purchase tickets in advance, as seats are reserved and the festival is extremely popular.


The well-regarded Istanbul Music Festival, held during several weeks in June, features mostly classical music performed by world-class musicians.